Gerard Takes a Bath

After a bit of a hiatus from vlogging, I finally had time to a video featuring two awesome recent releases: The Pompeii Bathhouse from Tia and the Gerard bento head from Vista. Fair warning, I was a bit out of practice and perhaps a bit too talkative, so the video may feature more rambling than usual. Not that don’t ramble in general, but you get the idea. You may skip ahead to the essentials. ;)

I do need to make some small corrections to what I said in the video regarding the Gerard head. It is currently on sale in the Vista mainstore for L$2000. It is the add-on facial hair that is available at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair. There is also a brand-new bundle (released today) of the head plus a full bento AO for L$3500.

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Fantasy Faire 2018: The Tavern

The weather was too gorgeous yesterday to sit in front of the computer until later in the evening, so I didn’t actually manage to get the post out before bedtime. But I am thinking I will get a second one done today, to try to keep up with the one post a day schedule. Fortunately, I had my stitches in the finger out yesterday so typing is a bit easier. But you still get another combined blog and vlog because the star of this post really deserved a video. I am of course talking about the Interactive Tavern Table from Fantavatar & Moonstruck, a fabulous roleplay piece. Also featured in this video are two hairs from F&M, a gown from Les Encantades, an awesome outfit from Last Ride and a skin from Bite & Claw. Note that in the credits, it just says Fantasy Faire after each item, but the links are different depending on which sim the store is actually on. You can also use the excellent Shopping Catalogue to easily find where each and every brand at the faire are located.

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Fantasy Faire 2017 - Toga Time

Ran has been keeping himself busy with our website of late, but I managed to lure him to the Fantasy Faire for some shopping. I was determined that at the very least, he’d get the toga from Last Ride. As it happened, I also had some classical garb to blog, although despite my misleading post title I am actually wearing a himation and not a toga. For that matter, Ran’s toga is not quite what you’d see on an upstanding Roman aristocrat either. But this is about the Fantasy Faire, after all, and I do think both Ran and ... uhm ... “Frey” look rather fetching.

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Corseted Ornament

I finally managed to lure Ran away from work to pose with me—and to show off one of the latest hairs from Wasabi Pills, at that. Myself, I am showing off a new corset from Aisling and the chair we’re featuring is from Noble Creations.

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Tea for Two

Noble Creations has a new furniture set out for the Fantasy Collective and it inspired me and Ran to bring out the outfits we bought at Genre’s Regency round, from the Muses and Last Ride, respectively.

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A Moody Marquis

I am having some success of late with luring Ran back to blogging (or at least modelling), something made easier by finding him some must-have clothing by new-to-us brand Last Ride. And as it happened, I also had this rather impressive piece of furniture by Noble Creations to show off.

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