The first round of We Love Role-Play for the new year comes with some serious attitude courtesy of brands such as lassitude & ennui, Eudora 3D and Calico. It made be grab a trusted spear from Tekeli-li and set out to conquer some new land, which I happened to find among the sims of the Arcipelagus of Fallen Gods Inc such asAnnon and Athan Selidor.

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Both the Fantasy Faire and Enchantment are still going strong so it is time for another little event cross-over. It seemed to me that the Enchantment releases from HopScotch and Lark would make a fine pairing with Alia Baroque’s RFL release for Fantasy Faire from Fallen Gods.

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Swift Wings

February seems to be gearing up to be Fantasy month, with several events focused on fantasy and role-play wear running at the same time. One of these is the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival and even though I am not a big fan of gatchas (for photos/blogging it is really frustrating to not get the colour you want and it is even more frustrating to try and collect a whole set) there were some things there I just had to have. So far, I haven’t been very successful at sorting out those must-haves, but I did manage to score some complimentary colours of chanimations stunning Harpyia set.

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Fantasy Faire: Down in the Underground

You still have a couple of days left to check out the Fantasy Faire! The Faire has in fact been extended with a day and will run through the whole of Monday the 29th of April.

For this post, I sent Ran off to take some photos of himself for once, to show that the Faire is not just for girls. He vent off to the underground caves of the DragonSpire; it seemed like the perfect place for this scaly gentleman to hang out.

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