The Winter Court

Bento is finally here for real now that it has been added to the official SL client (and a non-beta of Firestorm with Bento should be just around the corner) and Damien Fate of FATEplay has released a couple of things he had been sitting on for a while. One of them is the Lanne cloak and to show it off more fully I decided that a video was in order. The video also showcases the Elven Throne from HEXtraordinary, a new release for We Love Role-Play as well as items from Senzafine, paper moon and the the Plastik.

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Treasure Chest

For quite a few years now, shopping in Second Life has been ruled by events. But this year a new way to shop has made is debut: the subscription box. A well-known concept in real life (though I must admit I have never tried one myself), the subscription box seems to have gotten off to a good start in Second Life. If you want a good look at what boxes are available so far, I recommend Strawberry Singh’s post Subscription Boxes in Second Life. It is well-written and informative (as all of her posts!) and it serves little purpose for me to simply repeat the same details here. However, what I wanted to do was give an extra push for an upcoming box: the Treasure Chest.  It will be the first roleplay-oriented subscription box in Second Life and yours truly will be doing unboxing videos it! Yes, I am more than a little excited and waiting eagerly for the first box to arrive this weekend. If you also want to subscribe for the very first Treasure Chest (and the lineup of designers looks great), you have until the 14th to do so.

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Daughter of the Sands

One of the things that mesh has brought is the ability to do really awesome cloaks and this is something that Damien Fate of FATEplay has embraced. This cloak is one of his offerings for the current We Love Role-Play round and since it ends in a few days I wanted to give a last reminder, because it is a truly awesome round! My gown by the Muses is also from there and yes, I know I have worn this particular design several times, but it is one of my all-time favourites and it looks particularly stunning in the Gold/Flame colour, inspired by the arms of House Martell. You may just see a few more shots this week inspired by Dorne, seeing as a certain upcoming episode of Game of Thrones has been on my mind a lot lately.

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The Sun and Spear

ieQED has been producing a nice series of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones inspired (but wholly original in design) crowns for various gatchas and for the Secret Affair the set included one called Sunspear. Being the big fan of Dorne that I am, I knew I wanted to feature it, so this look and these photos were largely built around the crown. The other item I really wanted to focus on was this brand-new henna designs from Chandra Masala’s Jalwa brand. It includes both arm and leg designs which you will see in more detail inside the post.

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For a while, mesh made it very hard to find nice clothing for roleplay looks. This has all changed rather drastically in the last few months and now there are several stores producing high quality roleplay-oriented clothing in mesh. And, of course, there’s the We Love Role-Play event, which is a great way of getting familiar with both established and new designers within the field.

This month’s lineup includes three outfits from FATEplay, Damien Fate’s latest venture. Some of the outfits made their debut during the Fantasy Faire, but they have been updated since then and now feature materials. I thought that made the Wende dress a nice match for the poet shirt from bastard (Maxwell Graf’s new male clothing line) since that one also utilizes materials.

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