Skin Fair 2018: alaskametro

A very image-heavy post today. My idea of one “on location” shot and a couple of skin shots quickly fell by the wayside as I wanted to show more details of the decor used in this photo and as I really wanted to do a tone comparison for this skin since it is more of a full review. The skin in question is one of three new faces from alaskametro for Skin Fair 2018 (which opens on the 9th) and I’ve paired it with a new outfit from the Dreaming Thicket and a decor set from the Plastik.

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Spring Flowers

We’ve reached March but the last week has been treating us to winds from Siberia, so I am not quite feeling that spring is in the air just yet. But the lovely Bellflower gown from Dreaming Thicket is definitely a dress for spring and fortunately its easy to have whatever season you like in Second Life. I do feel like I need to shop for some nice grasses and flowers to complete my landscaping, however; I always get stuck somewhere after I’ve tweaked the shape of the land and plopped down some rocks and trees.

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WLRP & Vista’s Diana

Last Friday Vista Animations released their second bento mesh head, Diana. As I had purchased Lia when it came out and been very pleasantly surprised by its quality, I wasted no time in demoing and ultimately buying Diana. It certainly did not hurt that she is currently on sale for L$2000 (regular price will be L$2500) PLUS if you purchased Lia already and buy Diana on the Marketplace, you get an instant rebate of another L$1000 which makes it a truly excellent deal.

Since I already had a vlog in mind for Roawenwood’s We Love Role-Play release, I decided to combine this with a look at Diana as well. Also featured is a new outfit from Dreaming Thicket and a new hair from Stealthic.

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Into the Night

I’ve spent most of the last four days at a big dog show in Gothenburg, leaving very little time for sitting at the computer. Which isn’t bad, admittedly, since both my work and several of my hobbies involve the computer. The dog training doesn’t, except of course for talking on dog forums, looking at training videos and so on. ;)

But anyway, I did find myself at the computer in the evening today and I finally came up with a nice idea for how to shoot this cloak from the Dreaming Thicket. I had picked up the Wood Works set in Light wood from Fanatik during their sale, and using that at the edge of our wintry woods gave the feeling of someone venturing out into the woods on their own in the deep of winter.

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Owl Keeper

I have been making more shapes for Vista’s Lia head and the latest one inspired me to do this photo, featuring the charming new Briar Rose gown from Dreaming Thicket (formerly Anachron) together with two gachas from the Arcade by Wasabi and HEXtraordinary. The gown comes fitted for Belleza Freya and Isis, Maitreya and both Slink bodies. Wasabi’s gacha hair, Sloane, comes with and without a cosy knit hat. HEXtraordinary’s Owl Keeper gacha includes several varieties of owl as flying or perched and they can be rezzed or worn. The rares include the Snowy Owl in both versions as well as a brass cage and a brass stand.

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Poisoned Apple

For November, Enchantment takes us to the world of Snow White, full of poisoned apples, dwarves and evil queens. I think I saw at least three glass coffins on sale as well, which brought back fond memories of a lovely pose prop from Studio Sidhe. There were also a few magic mirrors, which makes me fervently wish for reflections in Second Life. But enough reminiscing and wishful thinking! I have a lovely dress from Dreaming Thicket to show you, together with a pose set from Double Take, a new-to-me pose store.

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By the Campfire

Dreaming Thicket, formerly Anachron, has a new Grecian-inspired dress out for We Love Role-Play, which opened yesterday for its November round. I also had this campfire from Noble Creations that I wanted to incorporate in a picture and it struck me that I might play with the Grecian angle and think of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Now, she really ought to have a bow, not a spear, and she probably shouldn’t be a redhead either, but that is what liberties are for. I rather like the atmosphere in this shot, where I used a foggy windlight setting to all but obscure the surrounding landscape, save for the pine trees from Studio Skye.

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Blue Belladonna

The first photo was easy enough, but the second one for this post gave me fits for a while. Doing justice to the delicate accessories from the Plastik was anything but easy and of course I had made it harder on myself by including three different pieces. I am fairly happy with the end result, but do click through on the image for a larger version, or check it out on my flickr.

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