Heart of the Forest

I am loving the Autumn we’re having right now. Much less rain than usual (knock on wood, though it is sure to come) which really lets that crispness in the air which is both a scent and a feeling linger. The colours have been a little slow to come in, but now they are starting to get there. In Second Life, Autumn is definitely in full swing and with it all things Halloween. It is a pretty good substitute when I start feeling nostalgic about not having The Secret World to play anymore; Halloween was definitely the natural season for that game too.

With the help of Del-ka Aedilis, I’ve headed deep into the woods to mix up some potions. Perhaps you would like to come by for a visit?

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So Jolie

By now I had hoped to post a lot more about the Skin Fair, but I was away on a trip Friday to Sunday and have been pretty knackered since then. I had dressed up and gotten ready for these photos last Thursday, but did not have a chance to do them until now. The good news is that by now it should be a little easier to get into the Skin Fair (though I see the sims are still pretty busy!) to check out the goodies from LOGO, Adam n Eve and Alaskametro that I am using for this post, together with a new lingerie set from Voluptas Virtualis.

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Upgrading Myself

Sometimes, it is a struggle to come up with a good idea that results in a pleasing image at the same time as it shows off the item(s) being blogged in a good way. Other times, the idea leaps into your head almost fully formed. That was the case when I opened the latest blogger pack from the Dreaming Thicket, the Ladies’ Crowns Gacha from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The idea that came to me was of a woman on a throne, wearing one crown but choosing from a selection of others, including some more “powerful” ones.

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Dark Crystals

I have a week at home right now, between our two trips, so I thought I would dig into my inventory and show a few things before its too late. Like this outfit from Voluptas Virtualis for the Crystal Heart Festival which ends in a few days. I thought combining it with the body glitter from Alaskametro might be a nice touch seeing how much skin it leaves bare. There is also a bit of a dark edge to this set, so I placed an altar from Souzou Eien in one of my caves from Fanatik and grabbed a knife from the Half Moon Market.

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Tropical Retreat

I had meant to write this blog before leaving for Spain, but I ended up only having time to post the images on Flickr. As such, this is just for archival completion and (partial) credits.

Tropical Bodysuit by Luxuria (at TLC), hair by Magika and build by Zinnias (at Swank).

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Fantasy Faire 2018: This is Not the End

No, indeed, it is not. Fantasy Faire 2018 was supposed to end today, but the Fairelands will now be around until May 7th. Official programming will still end today, but you will be able to continue shopping, exploring, doing the quest and of course donating to RFL. I will be gone for a couple of days myself and when I come back I do have some non-Fantasy Faire blogging lined up, but I hope to show a few more favourites before the 7th.

To celebrate that today is not the end, both Ran and I went shopping at Silvan Moon Designs, picking up a nice set of RFL retexturings of a pair of her outfits which we both paired with Wasabi hairs. I also added a jewelery set from Acios and used the Mythril Roleplay HUD for the bow and the curtsey. The house and the furniture set are from Rustica.

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After putting on the Oriana gacha from Voluptas Virtualis and colouring it all up to gold, I was stuck for a while trying to come up with the setting to shoot it in. Then Ran suggested that it felt a bit sci-fi, maybe space opera a la Flash Gordon. Well, I couldn’t quite swing the latter, but I did have the Starship skybox from 22769 and this cool “Specimen Tank” prop from NRage that I had gotten from a gacha ages ago but never used. The final touch was recolouring the Harper hair from Wasabi Pills to use one of the colours from the Solar set rather than plain old black.

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Lady Venom

Alaskametro has a skin and cosmetics gacha out at On9 called Lady Venom and that seemed like just the right thing to pair with this leather mini dress from Voluptas Virtualias and the short, tousled style by Wasabi Pills. I struggled with the right setting for this (I am really out of my comfort zone with modern looks these days—clearly, I need to work on it) but decided that this dominatrix couch from Roawenwood had a nice look and some suitable poses.

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Curved Lines

I have to say, the Marylebone Flat from Barnesworth Anubis has inspired me to play around quite a bit with different furnishings. It is a really interesting space which works very nicely for a lot of pieces I’ve wanted to cover for a while. So, in addition to some sexy upcoming lingerie from Alaskametro, a cool necklace from the Plastik and new hair from Wasabi Pills, this post also features furniture from Rustica and Noble Creations.

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In the Boudoir

Alaskametro is participating in two current events, On9 and anyBody, with a quartet of new releases that go very nicely together. The Plastik is also at several events right now, and here I am looking at a release for The Thrift Shop. Finally, I am featuring some lingerie from chocolate atelier.

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I do love gowns. And this mixed mesh gown from Volstead for Around the World is a beauty. I am also wearing one of the new Wasabi Pills hairs, a new item from the Sagittarius Zodiac cycle from Perception and Adam n Eve’s Disa skin, a little tweaked with the help of brows from alaskametro.

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