Maxed Out for Summer

This week could use some improvement, to say the least. We’ve had major server issues to contend with at Westeros.org since before the weekend and on top of that I am feeling incredibly let-down by the Game of Thrones finale. So, it could have been better!

Fortunately, SL has been behaving and I’ve actually got quite a few things I am eager to photo. I started today with the newest dresses from One Bad Pixel. These maxi dresses, available in two different patterns and tons of colours for each style, are just the thing for a summer evening.

The Silence of the Godswood

Need a place to hang out and sigh wistfully once the second season of Game of Thrones ends on Sunday? Then this gorgeous new skybox from Trompe Loeil for FaMESHed might be something for you. Inspired by the godswood at Winterfell, it features a beautiful weirwood (alas, no carved face on the trunk) overlooking a dark pond.

My outfit isn’t exactly A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired; it is the dark version of Nomine’s Ariel limited edition wedding gowns. I loved the drama of it together with the moody skybox, however. That said, there’s a final shot in this post that references a scene from A Dance with Dragons—can you pin-point which one?

As an aside, both Ran and I would love to see some more A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired things in SL, especially clothing that looks right for the books!

Beach Curves

A new round of FaMESHed opens tomorrow and sexy new mesh brand One Bad Pixel is taking part with this sexy Ring Bikini. Brand new is also this mesh hair from LeLutka and I am still wearing my mesh FATEeyes. The little necklace that fits so well into my cleavage is a recent release from Dark Mouse.

San Andreas

The Skin Addiction Showcase has opened and there’s a sampling of skins from many of the designers across SL. While I was wandering through it, one skin caught my eye, something I’d never seen before: Andreas, from Aeros. The name might possibly ring a bell… especially if you tend to the Adult grid. Known for their expertly scripted, sculpted, and textured prim genitals, designer Pi Rain has now moved into male skins. Andreas is actually the latest in quite a few skins in the line, but after consideration I think it may be the best yet.

Springtime Romance

From Insolence comes a fresh, spring-inspired lingerie set called Mary, offered in light colours such as the cream seen here. Cotton with a touch of lace makes for a sweet, romantic look that pairs well with the newest mesh hair from Wasabi Pills.

A Red and White Wedding

What else to call a post that combines some fabulous new mesh adornments inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire from Tekeli-li—both jewellery and a hairstyle, at that—and another limited edition wedding gown from Nomine? The gown, btw, is due to be retired in a few days, so make sure to check it out soon!

Hot Like Mexico, Rejoice

The recent merger of EVIAN, Signature, and DNA has lead to a sudden wealth of beautiful male skins in SL—the brand new Ricardo, which I’ve reviewed, has barely gone a week before a new skin was released: Alejandro.

Nomine Limited Edition & 100 L Sale

I mean to have this out last week, but a nasty cold knocked both me and Ran out for half a week. We’re only now starting to feel somewhat human again. Fortunately, just in time for me to remind everyone of two neat things at Nomine:

First, the limited edition Loki gowns; there are still some left of most colours, I believe, so you haven’t missed your chance. Second, most of the rest of the store is on sale. Yes,it is one of the massive Nomine 100 L sales and it ends Monday morning, so hurry up.

A Breezey Sky

Hot on the heels of the amazing Lotus skin—which I’ve reviewed before, but which you’ll be glimpsing again below—The Body Co. announced the release of its Generation 3 skins, featuring new bodies and skin tones, plus including a wide range of eyebrow options. As usual, I always have to hesitate a bit before going in on a purchase… but the other day I found myself deciding that a couple of the new skins were just too good to pass up, and so I picked up the newest male skins: Sky and Breeze.


A Shock of Red

A major fair with over a hundred designers going on right now, sharing their latest and greatest: Culture Shock. There’s all sorts of lovely things to buy, and many of the designers have created special items to release at it. Among them? A:S:S, whose beautiful period clothing is going to get another look, as they’ve released a special color of Etienne for their donation item.

Oh, Ricky…

A rather surprising notice yesterday piqued my interest quite a bit. Sent out over one of the blogger groups, it revealed that EVIAN—the skin production line from all-in-one shop Egoisme, which is quite the popular brand these days—was merging with skin brands DNA and Signature. Now, I think it’s safe to say that the merger of DNA and Signature is not, exactly, something shocking because of the fact that both brands are run by Simple Spad/Brox Riaxik. But EVIAN? I had no idea whether he was creating skins for them before, but I see Brox is listed as their skin designer at present.

But no matter the exact ins-and-outs of the merger, the announcement was joined by the release of a brand new skin: Riccardo from EVIAN, which clearly shows some of Brox’s particular hallmarks as one of SL’s most interesting male skin designers.

Study in Red

When Ran received the Etienne suit from A.S.S., one of their Culture Shock items, it inspired us to do a portrait for a pair of our MUSH characters. Not from our own game, this time, but rather from the now-defunct Cuendillar MUSH. I ended up digging out this opulent gown from Wunderlich’s for the occasion.

The Ancien Regime

Freyja and I have always been especially enamored of historically-inspired clothing in Second Life, and it seems nothing more so than the clothing of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Case in point: A:S:S’s new Decades line of male clothing, which features a gorgeous array of late 18th, early 19th century clothing for men that takes the interesting approach of selling as separates for those who like to mix and match.

Summer Beauties

I still have quite a few things to cover that I picked up at various recent events even as there are even more events opening. Whew. We’re certainly spoilt for choice right now, and that’s even with me not able to wear most of the mesh out there. But now the deformer seems to be shaping up too, so maybe that will change soon enough.

That is a digression, however. Let us have a look at some sexy lingerie from Zaara, some pretty mesh jewellery from Maxi Gossamer, a new skin from Adam n Eve and some makeup from M.O.C.K. Oh, and some lovely, lovely furniture from Rustica.

Dark Resurrection

The Fantasy Faire is winding down, but the stores featured there will still be around after it’s done, and they’re worth visiting. Our last featured designer at Devil’s Locket is Vengeful Threads, from creator Vixn Dagger.