The First Sin

Are you ready to sin? The Festival of Sin begins this Saturday, the 18th of February, and offers a sim full of delightful vices. Whether you are feeling Lustful or Wrathful or if you favour another poison, there’s bound to be something for you. I’m in the middle of packing for a trip over the weekend, but of course I had to make sure to shoot some of my favourite finds so far; the Carnal dress from Solange, the makeups from elymode, the shoes from Ingenue and the poses from Adorkable. There’s also a glimpse of the necklace from Caroline’s Jewelry, but I’ll need a closeup of that later on.

In addition to the Festival of Sin items, I am wearing the forthcoming Esha skin from Adam n Eve and the Sybille mesh hair from Wasani Pills.

Once the fair opens, make sure to put together a deprimmed and descripted outfit for visiting the event; there’s a script checking so that visitors don’t go over the allowed limits in order to keep the experience pleasant for everyone. This is definitely one fair you’ll want to get a chance to look around at because the themed build is very cool.

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