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I did this last year as well (though I don’t recall if I blogged it or just posted to Flickr), but this time around I decided to compare three of my personal shapes. They’re all built along a similar base as there are certain elements I like in a shape, but they’re each a slightly different type. I tend to think of them as Curvy, Average and Athletic. I’ve tried very hard to make them quite realistic in their proportions, though they are definitely more towards the idealized than average end of the head-to-height ratio at roughly 8 heads tall. That’s a concession to what I feel works best within SL. They are also taller than they “should” be since I built them to specific height when the old, incorrect height detector was the only one available. As a result, they are 18-20 centimetres (7-8 inches) taller than I intended them to be. But getting that short in SL is not easy, plus I have enough issues fitting clothing and furniture as it is.

None of them have been changed for mesh and none of them are a good fit for most mesh clothing; they’ve got too much fat and muscle and too little breast and bottom. The Standard Size medium gets close on some garments, but adds too much breast and bottom. It works with some loose fits, but I am very eagerly awaiting the deformer. I do love how mesh clothing looks, the quality can be really amazing, but my shapes are my reason for being on SL.

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