Into the Woods

On February 1st the 2nd round of Enchantment will be opening. This time the inspiration is Little Red Riding Hood. There will be red gowns, wolves and baskets, yes, but that is not all that the participating designers have been inspired to create. Still, for my first post about the event, I simply had to feature the Blanchette gown in red from Miamai together with the Little Red medallion and ring from Bokeh.

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The Blanchette gown is one of the best examples I have seen in Second Life of taking the inspiration of a themed event and twisting it just enough to make something new. I love period/fantasy gowns, but it is also really fun to see someone take the theme of Little Red Riding Hood and making a unique, modern gown. The lines of this dress are just perfect and the little hood at the back is spot on.

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These photos are all taken on the sim where Enchantment will take place, giving you a hint of the landscape you will be walking through as you visit the event.

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Bokeh is a new-to-me store but their jewellery for this event caught my eye with the way the gems are textured. Little Red’s necklace includes three different lengths and a ring for either hand is also included (as well as versions pre-fitted to one of the Slink mesh hands). Five different gem textures and two looks to the gold rim are included.

Keep in mind that all products sold at Enchantment are exclusives, meaning that once the event closes, they will not be available in this specific form again.

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