Elf Maiden

Tuli is back with several new releases and as it happened they went beautifully together with the Fantasy Gacha Carnival gown from Fallen Gods and Faida and a hair from Magika that I had managed to forget about showing off after I bought it.

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The Poesia gown is a gacha from Fallen Gods and Faida with four different texture styles; flowers, branches, stars and writing. This is the rare, rose-coloured floral version, which shows off a beautiful gradient of rose-coloured hues.

The lavish table is called Titania’s Feast and is by the Muses. It comes with a HUD that provides a wide range of colour options for both the table and the foods.

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This lovely face belongs to the latest skin from Tuli, called Willow. Willow comes in eight tones, with this being the palest, tone 0. You get four brow colours on the skin and ten lips and five eyeshadows as tattoo layers. Willow has smooth, lovely skin, perfect for an ethereal elf. As it happens, Tuli has also released a set of elf ears, of course with a HUD to match the skin tones to her skins. The ears come in a basic version with a few piercings that can be shown or hidden and a more ornate version with different sets of decorations.

Finally, Tuli has also released a HUD with a range of teeth options, from perfectly regular teeth as seen here to vampire teeth. These can be worn with the regular avatar mouth or with a mesh mouth. I have to say that these are much more natural-looking than most teeth options that I have seen and I can definitely see myself wearing these.

Oh, and I almost forgot again! The hair by Magika is called Which Witch and is a lovely partially tied-back style, very relaxed and certainly suitable for both modern and fantasy looks.

Tuli’s mainstore has also received an overhaul and she is having a sale on her older skins before these are retired. If you don’t already have these, I suggest running right over there; they do have quite a few appliers and they do not by any standards look dated.

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