A Child of the Forest

Among the lush forests of the Fairylands dwells an elusive creature, whose appearance would seem to suggest that she formed from the very plants and trees of the woodlands. Her skin is painted by nature in hues of green, her curling horns resemble the bark of trees. Pointed ears peek out from tousled red curls and red are also the curious accoutrements she wears, made from flower, vine and leaf. Is she perhaps a forest spirit, guarding the woods from those who might wish them ill? Or is she the last remnant of some long-forgotten race, wandering the woods in hopes of finding one like her?

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For the Fantasy Faire, the Plastik has created four stunning releases which together will form the base for a truly unique fantasy avatar. The Asaia fantasy skins come in 25 eye catching tones, some where the base colour and the stripes are closely matched, others where they contrast vividly. This forest-green tone is Daenyra and I am wearing it with the included, pre-tinted elf ears of mesh. I am also using the included Slink appliers and you will also find appliers for other body parts in your package.

The stunning “outfit” is from deviousMind for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. Thyia, as it is called, consists of 2 common prizes (FancyFoliage and IvyJewelry) in 10 colours (this is Scarlet Fall) and 5 rare prizes that match any of the common sets. What you are seeing here is “just” the two common prizes (*shakes fist at the machine*), but as you can see they are quite wearable on their own as well.

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The Vynn horns (here in Ember) are also from the Plastik and come in 25 base variants plus they include a HUD to change the pearls, pendants and strings. They look fabulous on a wide array of fantasy creatures.

The Malei earrings, available in 25 colours (I am wearing Sunset), are the third of the Plastik’s releases for the Fantasy Faire. They can be used both with the Plastik’s mesh elven ears or with regular ears. Mesh ears, as well as a skin tone HUD, are in fact included with the earrings.

My hair is Honey from EMO-tions and the poses are from Musa’s fantasy pose collections. And if you, too, are chasing some elusive prizes from the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, I thought I’d shamelessly plug my little yardsale. There’s quite a few Thyia commons there, for example.

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