HANDverk Skyboxes

HANDverk has released a pair of elegant low prim skyboxes in mesh, the single (14m x 32m) and double (27m x 32m) Longchamps. I am showing the single, which can fit in on a 512 sq.m. parcel. Given the fairly simplistic, scaled back look of the skyboxes, they could easily serve for both residential and commercial use. What charming little boutique couldn’t use a view of Paris through its windows, after all?

Click for full-sized image

To make myself comfortable, I brought out the Barcelona chair in creme, also from HANDverk. I slipped into a new mesh dress from Riggle Room and of course I am wearing my new Grace Sandals from Gos Boutique.

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I also setup a little dining corner, using furnishings from Apple Fall and table decorations from Libertine. The chandelier hanging from the room is part of the Longchamps skybox (and there are also some more light fixtures along the walls).

The Longchamps skyboxes are the first of a line of architecture prefabs from HANDverk and these two are particularly aimed at those who prefer a fairly basic—but well-made and stylish—prefab. The skyboxes sell for L$400 (single) and L$800 (double) and demos are available at the store.

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