Gothic Steampunk?

Munchflower Zaius of Nomine has another large, themed release out. This time, its all about Steampunk and she’s made some really nifty outfits—including some for the boys. I selected a pair to show for this post, one suit and one dress. The collection also includes hairs, hats and goggles, for that full Steampunk look.

This post also features another awesome new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, mesh boots from lassitude & ennui and mesh furniture/props from Rustica and a new brand, the Muses, from Nephilaine Protagonist. Poses used are from Exposeur.

The staging of the photos may be rather more Gothic than Steampunk, but as soon as I saw the set of candelabras from the muses I knew I had to get them and do some photos with them. They’re all mesh, so very low prim, and they’re both copy and mod. Out of the box, they’re fairly small, but you can resize them as you please. I think they’re quite wonderful and the pack includes so many variations, plus a gorgeous chandelier. The perfect decorations to go with the mesh furniture (and mesh shield on the wall) from Rustica, not to mention the gorgeous house from Rustica.

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