Golden Light

The Secret Affair is now open and as already teased in my previous post, this round is all about gold. Aisling has a veritable cornucopia of different releases out and I also pulled out some favourites of mine from their previous releases to complete this look. Add to that some gorgeous curls from Wasabi Pills for the Crossroads and a stunning Grecian temple from Fallen Gods.

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I am really pleased with how this photo in particular turned out. My very patient photographer (that’d be Ran, as usual) found just the right composition for this shot and I think the light gives it an almost painted quality. It is more of a “scene” than a shot that showcases the individual items, but you’ll get one of those too.

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The defining piece of this look was, unsurprisingly, the Malika crown by Aisling, here in the version with a halo. It dictated what other pieces would be needed. I am wearing the gold body dust again, together with two other new golden pieces from Aisling; the simple bindi and the Raya chestlace. To these I added the Danae cloak and pieces of the Meave outfit. I am not quite sure what religion she’s a priestess of, but Ran said he would convert as soon as we find out. ;P

The Savannah hair from Wasabi Pills has a lovely amount of curl to it and I really like the way it spills over one shoulder only. With the hair being a bit bigger, it provided the perfect base for the ostentatious crown.

Other items: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes, FATElashes and of course the stunning Odyssey Pearl Temple from Fallen Gods.

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