Waiting, in Winter

I may have mentioned my growing tendency to hoard landscaping items ever since Ran and I ended up renting a full sim. I still haven’t quite found a knack for landscaping, but I am working on it, and at least it gets easier with great mesh products from places like Studio Skye, Fanatik and Jian, all used to put together the location for these photos.

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Dressed in the Beriawen skirt and tunic from Senzafine, and kept company by Maybelle the Sheep by Jian (one of several farm-related releases for the current round of We Love Role-Play), I am waiting in the cold outside one of the houses from Fanatik’s Medieval Village set.

Maybelle comes in an animated and a static version and is scripted for several texture options, allowing for a nicely varied flock of sheep. I did size Maybelle down a bit from the default as I am pretty short by SL standards and I felt a bit initimated by her size!

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This gorgeous pine forest is one of the recent releases from Studio Skye. The Fanatik house can be glimpsed in the distance, and what looks like a giant wall of ice to the left side is in fact a giant wall of ice, created with Fanatik’s Lofoten cliffs in the Permafrost pack (and yes, I am regretting not getting all the seasonal variations of the cliffs, because they are really versatile).

The pine forest includes various sizes of tree clusters, from a single tree up to a tree-lined path and a tree-lined clearing. There are also two different hills/knolls with trees included. And here I didn’t have to decide which season I wanted since it is all included in the pack.

As for my skin, I am back in Tuli’s lovely Willow skin, this time in tone 1 and with her excellent HUD-driven teeth worn as well. My hair is Keira 2 in Cinnamon by Wasabi Pills.

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