The Alchemy of Love

I am staying with Tuli’s new skin, Willow, for this post as well, though in one of the mid-range tones (tone 4, specifically) this time around. But rather than appearing as an elven maiden in the woods, I am adopting the guise of s sorceress preparing a carefully planned seduction with the help of a new dress and a new gacha from Aisling.

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The Shamballa gown will be released for the September round of We Love Role-Play. It is a beautifully draped dress with a metal belt and a metal collar holding it up. Each dress comes with a HUD for changing the colour of the metal and the transparency of the fabric; here I have it set to the most transparent option.

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The DIY Love Potion set is a gacha for the Arcade with sixteen pieces to collect, including two rares.  Many of the pieces could easily fit in with other decor elements if you don’t manage to score a full set, though the rare flower cauldron and alchemy of love distillation set are certainly very pretty.

The hair is a Hair Fair release from Wasabi Pills that I had yet to blog. Pepper is a shorter style than what I usually wear, but something about the way it frames the face felt very seductive to me and suitable for this look. It comes with a HUD for changing the colour of the hair band.

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