Gone Fishin’

A magician has come to Odyssey, to brave its depths and seek out the elusive creatures that live within them. In a strange, spell-forged sphere he has gone beneath the surface and encountered a mermaid. With his power, he has drawn her out of the caves where she was hiding.

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Freyja wears the Oceanica Atlantic mermaid in Ivory by Fallen Gods with accessories such as breast shells, waist chain and flexi fins. The avatar can also be worn without the mermaid tail and it includes various mesh body appliers, such as Slink Physique (as seen here).

The Oceanica Atlantic range comes in Ivory and Eclipse and there are also other variations of the Oceanica range, such as Indian and Antarctic. All the variations are available for both male and female avatars and the skins feature exquisite scale patterning and colour gradients, creating an iridescent look.

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I am wearing the Alchemist outfit by Gauze together with the matching Power staff.The outfit has a definite sword-and-sorcery edge to it, particularly with the fancy pauldrons that are there for effect more than practicality. The gems on the pauldrons glow quite nicely as well, but didn’t come out clearly in this picture.

Both of us are wearing hair by Wasabi Pills; Jack and Jasmine. These are the two non-unisex releases for the Fantasy Faire from the brand, but there’s also two unisex styles.

Fantasy Faire 2015 ends tomorrow, May 3rd. Do not miss this last opportunity to explore the amazing sims and all the fantastic stores.

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