Pink Fuelled

It has been quite some time since I did a proper skin review with a detailed look at a body. There simply haven’t been much in the way of new skins to look at if by new I mean not just a new face on a previously existing body. I did take a few looks at how various favourite skin lines of mine look on Slink’s Physique mesh body but that’s the closest I’ve gotten to full skin reviews in a while. Until now, that is, and even then it isn’t a brand-new body as such, but it is a (largely) new-to-me body. I have been eyeing Pink Fuel for a while, tempted by the many body options supplied, but none of the faces have been quite to my liking. That is, none of the “normal” faces; I really liked the Drow skin which I did feature in an earlier review, albeit without actually going over the body in detail. I’ll be sorting out that oversight in this review where I will be looking at the brand-new group gift from Pink Fuel (I joined the group—which costs L$250—after seeing the preview of this face on Plurk) together with the Slink Physique appliers.

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We’ll start at the back because that is always an important part of a skin for me. A nice bottom is a must and what I think of as a nice bottom isn’t always the same as the SL ideal. I don’t like shadings that give the sense of a too round and “bouncy” bottom, often the result of a certain style of shading at the top of the cheeks. Pink Fuel’s bottom definitely appeals to me, as it suggests both softness and roundness and the shading doesn’t require you to crank the sliders way up either.

I also find the shoulder blades and the spine very nicely done and there’s really nothing about the back that I feel is in need of any adjustments.

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The appliers for Physique come with four different body styles - Regular, Athletic, Ripped and Curvy - with Small Chest options for the three first. This was a small disappointment for me as I much prefer the Small Chest to the default (in fact, I would say even the Small Chest is a little on the large side for me) but I really love the belly on the Curvy body. I would have worn the Curvy here otherwise but I ended up with the Regular to get the breasts I preferred.

The breasts are really my only quibble with the body as a whole—all the belly options are very well executed and the rest of the front shading is excellent too—since I feel the shading has a tendency to make them look a little square and a little “pumped up”. Somewhat more understated breast shading would definitely be welcome and I’d love to see it together with the Curvy belly, though of course I understand that having so many different applier options available is incredibly hard work already.

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Finally, a good look at the face. I am wearing the Hazel tone here, btw, though the lighting makes it look quite different from how it appears in default lighting. What I liked about this face in contrast to previous Pink Fuel faces was that it felt a bit more mature. The other faces are very pretty, but they are quite cute and girly, which isn’t something that generally works for me. The shading is fairly strong and lends itself best to a somewhat fuller face but even though the overall lines become quite soft and round I think this is a really interesting face with a lot of character.

I am wearing the Freya hair from Wasabi Pills for uber and I am using the Modern Villa by Trompe Loeil and the Corbu chaise in black leather from Convair.

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