Still Innocent

A new round of Enchantment - the fairy tale inspired event where you collect stamp cards and stamps at the participating main stores that you redeem for exclusive prizes at a special location - is just around the corner and the theme for this round is Bluebeard. It is a quirky story as fairy tales go, with some very traditional elements and some unusual features that seem to be the resulting of legends and history being conflated. For my first photo for this round, I am showing a dress by Pixicat and a ring by aisling.

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The Fatima gown from Pixicat is the prize release from this brand, meaning that you will need to buy at least one qualifying release from any of the participating main stores in order to obtain a stamp card that can be redeemed for a prize once fully stamped.

Pixicat is fairly new brand that I have started seeing at various events and I am quite impressed with the ornate textures on their designs. There’s a distinct style to the brand and iI think it is very well represented by the Fatima dress, which comes with a HUD that offers six different colours for the undergown and the overgown. My favourite feature of the gown is probably the twisted rope around the neck and the bodice - very ominous.

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The Good Wife is aisling’s qualifying mainstore release for the event. It is a beautifully made ring (inscribed with “Obedience & Love”) which comes with a HUD that offers a wide range of colour options for the metal and the stones. It also has materials enabled, adding to the realism of its appearance.

My hair, which I think works well with the innocent appearance that I wanted for the “good” wife is Midori, one of Wasabi Pills Hair Fair release.

I expect to revisit Bluebeard a few more times over the course of this round of Enchantment and then I might be getting into the gruesome main parts of the story - aisling’s prize release “The Bad Wife” should be very suitable for that.

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