Spring Retreat

I don’t usually do posts without an avatar in, but when I went through my recent clothing acquisitions I found that just about everything belongs in a fantasy setting and definitely not in a modern spring cabin furnished as an architect’s springtime retreat! So, for this post I am letting the Convair releases for FaMESHed and The Arcade take center stage all on their own.

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The Spring Cabin is Tobias Convair’s offering for this month’s round of FaMESHed. It is a very modern design with a high roof and plenty of windows. At one end there’s a fireplace as a cosy focal point. It feels very much like you are inviting the surrounding nature right into your house.

The surrounding trees are from the Enchanted Woods by Studio Skye at the spring setting and with the recently released spring flower add-on.

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Inside the cabin I decided to showcase the Arcade items from Convair—an architect’s drafting set complete with drafting table, stool and a wide array of tools. Tobias Convair has drawn on his RL experience of working as an architect to create these pieces and the level of detail and realism is impressive.

Of course, since it is for the Arcade, you have to get lucky to manage a complete set!

Our sim is still a bit of a work-in-progress, but lately we’ve definitely been feeling like featuring more home & garden items, so who knows, there might be more posts without any avatars in coming up in the future. Or I will just have to shop for some modern clothing!

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