The September round of We Love Role-Play is now open and my first item of choice is the Miriel gown from Evie’s Closet. I am very happy to see Evangeline Miles move into mesh gowns—mesh gowns, thankfully, are much more forgiving of non-standard sized shapes than, say, mesh pants—and this is a lovely high fantasy design. I’ve paired it with the Curiata jewellery from Illusions and the latest release from Wasabi Pills, Robin. I am also wearing yet another newly acquired Skin Shop skin.

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I’ll be starting from the top, with a look at the lovely Alana face from the Skin Shop. As I predicted, there’s no way I can keep to a single tone out of their 36 skin tones, so I am wearing Alana in a very different tone from my previous purchase, Pixie. That means that I did have to buy both the body and the face, though once again I passed on buying eyebrows and stuck with my brows from Alaska Metropolitan.

With Pixie, I used the bold version of the body and the face, but I prefer Alana in the soft version. However, if you like even more dramatic shading to the face, the bold version is of course also included with your purchase.

The Robin hair is a lovely, very sleek style; Wasabi Pills just keeps getting better and better at mesh hair. I really like how it sets off the face and it works nicely to show off the intricate Curiata mask and jewellery from Illusions.

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The Miriel gown—which I must imagine is named for Miriel Enfield, who used to sell lovely eyes and gorgeous jewellery in Second Life—is a brand-new release from Evie’s Closet. Two colours—Fern, which I am wearing, and Plum—are discounted for We Love Role-Play and several more are available at the regular price at the main store. The gown can be worn with or without the sleeves and the puffed part—which is a sculpt and thus editable—comes in both the colour of the gown and the gold of the trim.

It is always great to see an designer move into mesh. Evangeline Miles has always created gorgeously textured gowns and I don’t doubt that mesh will allow her to refine that even further, given the greater resolution that mesh allows.

The photos were taken on the newly-opened Cyprian Garden sim which offers many great photo opportunities.

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