In the Maille

Now that I am back home from our vacation—which means back on my regular computer and fast, steady connection—the blog should be getting some much-deserved attention again. I have a lot to catch up on, including several gorgeous releases from this month’s We Love Role-Play. For example, a chain maille doublet from Maxwell Graf of Rustica, released under his new clothing label, “bitch”. And don’t fret, guys, because the “bastard” label is also represented with a set of poet shirts in different materials. And yes, all these releases have materials, for that extra-spectacular look.

I am also wearing a new skin from the Plastik, released for yesterday’s 50 Linden Friday. Eren is part of the Astrali line and I have to say this may be my favourite face from the line so far; it feels very natural. It also comes with a toned down body that suits smaller breast settings very nicely.

Click for full-sized image

The Chain Maille Sleeved Doublet, and the matching bracers (which are included in leather, iron and steel), look touchably real even before you turn on materials. With that added, there’s a whole new dimension to the textures of this piece. I fear I am at risk of becoming a materials snob; it can really make things pop. And so far, I do not find that it looks too real next to the avatar itself, though I suppose it could turn out that way with some designs.

Click for full-sized image

A closer look at the doublet as well as the face of the Eren skin.  I really like how this skin photos, the tone as well as the shading is quite easy to work with.

The long braid is the Donna hair from Wasabi Pills, which was one of their Hair Fair offerings that I never managed to blog during my vacation. So, I am taking the opportunity now, since a good braid like that of course has a special place in my inventory.

I did find myself at a loss at first for what to wear the doublet with—nothing didn’t really work—but then I remembered Chaospire. Not mesh, but fabulous texturing that can be worn next to mesh with a pretty good result. I am also wearing boots from lassitude & ennui.

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