Yard Sale Time!

Gorgeous, isn’t it? That’s the Pegasus in Midnight from Culprit’s Immortals gacha. I love the various horse-related carousels and stand-alones that Culprit has created and my efforts to complete my collection of carousels is one reason for this post as I have updated my list of available & wanted items at our little yard-sale on Revelations. I am also trying to complete the brand-new 22769 ~ [bauwerk] “Game of Kings” set and to trade my Sapphire pieces of Junbug’s Madame Corbeau for Ink or Crimson.

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WTT: Culprit Carousels

Not a blog today, but an attempt to sort out a little gacha problem. You see, last time Culprit had horse carousels at the Arcade, I ended up with three of the Eku-Ine Unicorn Rides. I would love to trade these against the Eku-ine Horse Ride from the same Arcade round or the new Immortals Unicorns Ride from the current round.

If you’re interested in either trade, just contact Freyja Nemeth in-world.

Fantasy Gatcha Mini Yardsale

Despite my best intentions, I ended up trying to get the whole Faranth set from aisling at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. The collar and the dragon crown are still eluding me, alas, but I did end up with two spare sets of the rare pauldrons and of course a bunch of commons. So, I’ve set up a very temporary yardsale with the Faranth commons plus a few other bits and pieces (some Gaia pieces from aisling, some Deviance slippers, a Remarkable Oblivion crown). The pauldrons aren’t out just now, but if you’re interested in buying them or trading for them, just IM me. I’d love to trade for the Faranth collar and the Faranth crown from aisling, but I could also consider the Gaia crown from aisling or some of the rare Harpyia wings from chanimations. I would also be happy to trade Faranth commons for some of the common crowns from ieQED.

Regularly scheduled blogging will commence shortly—I would just love to have that whole set to blog. ;)

Edited to add: I added a page for listing what I want and what I have in more detail.


At first, I was curious about the new Curio skins. I was never a devoted Curio wearer, but I do have some of the less “cutsey” faces and I quite like those. However, now I find myself curious for another reason. You see, it would appear that I am banned from the Curio sim. I was completely baffled at first, and I remain pretty mystified even now. It would appear to have something to do with me commenting on the SLU topic discussing the fact that Hush wasn’t removed from the event organised by Skin Addiction. I defended the right of event organisers to wait until there’s some sort of reliable proof before removing a brand from an event and I also said that I couldn’t personally vouch for either brand involved in the dispute. Which was true then and remains true now. Unless I have seen someone created a skin from scratch, I cannot vouch for the legality of the skin.

In any case, if the above is why I am banned from Curio (and if it is something else, then I am really curious and would love to be informed), then good riddance. I wouldn’t want to risk giving any more money to someone who’d react like that. But it sure highlights why bloggers are often so cautious about putting forward any opinion other than praise. Keep in mind that this wasn’t even a critique of Curio, and certainly not an attack on the brand. Obviously, creators can ban you for wearing the wrong colour pants if they want to…but hey, then you know for sure they’re pretty crazy.


Strawberry Singh has revisited the “What’s your Digits?” challenge once again and while I don’t think I have made any changes to the proportions of the shape I used for the last challenge, I did want to take part again since the topic of avatar proportions is near and dear to my heart.

The shape I picked for the challenge is one of my favourite personal shapes. Fitting into Standard Sizes with this shape is not an option, so I am using a system layer lingerie set from Zaara.

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Good Things…

... sometimes come in strange packages.

The first hint of something new on the horizon—at least in a good while—was a tease that Magic of Oz, the beloved sim by Malkavyn Eldritch and Candy Cerveau, was at last returning after a long period of being closed to the public while renovations were going on. What I didn’t realize, however, that something much bigger was on the horizon. Something that fans of Malkavyn’s and Candy’s most well-known work, Ozimals, have been anticipating for quite awhile. But there’s a twist…

... to the Strangelings, and also an opportunity (Alternate Signup 1, Alternate Signup 2) for everyone to get in on the ground floor for the revolutionary new game that Malkavyn, Candy, and others have been working on over the last year. More on that in a bit.

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My Digits

I did this last year as well (though I don’t recall if I blogged it or just posted to Flickr), but this time around I decided to compare three of my personal shapes. They’re all built along a similar base as there are certain elements I like in a shape, but they’re each a slightly different type. I tend to think of them as Curvy, Average and Athletic. I’ve tried very hard to make them quite realistic in their proportions, though they are definitely more towards the idealized than average end of the head-to-height ratio at roughly 8 heads tall. That’s a concession to what I feel works best within SL. They are also taller than they “should” be since I built them to specific height when the old, incorrect height detector was the only one available. As a result, they are 18-20 centimetres (7-8 inches) taller than I intended them to be. But getting that short in SL is not easy, plus I have enough issues fitting clothing and furniture as it is.

March Mesh Madness

Using mesh yet? If so, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to the first all mesh event, the March Mesh Madness which opens on March 1st. If you’re not yet a mesh user, this is a great opportunity to give a mesh viewer a trial and have a look at what can be accomplished with mesh.

Mesh Hair Design Challenge?

The first mesh hairs are slowly cropping up and so far I am pretty thrilled. Its early days still and no doubt plenty of room for further evolution, but that hasn’t stopped myself and some others making a particular style wish on Plurk:

Really, really long mesh hair.

We’re talking hair that Lady Godiva could be proud of, perfect for those dressed-only-in-my-hair photoshoots as well as for various roleplaying purposes; no self-respecting medieval maiden would have less than knee-length hair, after all.

What I am thinking now is, why not make a design challenge out of it? Put forward some guidelines, try to reach as many hair designers as possible, and see what they come up with? Then feature the resulting hairs in a series of blog posts, perhaps in a dedicated Flickr group as well. I don’t know that it needs to involve any voting or scoring of the designs, but a constructive look at the pros and cons of each style might be a good resource for future mesh hair developments.

So…any thoughts? Any interest?