I do love gowns. And this mixed mesh gown from Volstead for Around the World is a beauty. I am also wearing one of the new Wasabi Pills hairs, a new item from the Sagittarius Zodiac cycle from Perception and Adam n Eve’s Disa skin, a little tweaked with the help of brows from alaskametro.

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Still Unhinged

Unhinged is still going on and if you’d like an idea of what’s on offer, check out this list—with photos—of all merchant booths. I’ll be showing three more things myself; a charming mesh dress from Geometry, boots from lassitude & ennui and a necklace from Perception.

I am also showing Afia, another new skin from Adam n Eve, and one more of Alice Project’s hairs from Around the World.

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I’ve never been able to stick to just one shape in SL. When I joined, it was to recreate various roleplay characters, so it didn’t take me many weeks to end up with several shapes. Since then, my personal collection has grown and grown, and somewhere along the way, sachi suggested that I could create some shapes for Adam n Eve’s skins and have them for sale in the store. I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity, of course, and I have been creating shapes for Adam n Eve skins ever since. And so, for the release of the first three skins of a new generation of sachi’s skins, I have of course created a shape each for Disa, Laina and Afia.

Also featured in this post are three of the gorgeous new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World (she made nine in total and you will find them all in the Asia section), some of my favourite Zaara lingerie and the mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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Lounging Laina

The second new skin from Adam n Eve is Laina. I am not showing all her naked pixels since she comes with the same body and in the same tones as Disa, but she definitely has a distinct character to her face. The shape I am using is my new shape for Laina, also available at Adam n Eve, on the second floor of the new shop. Also new is the mesh top from Zaara and the hair from Amacci.

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Unhinged is Here

I am featuring some great items from a festival/fundraiser starting today. It is called Unhinged and it will run from November 15th to December 15th, collecting funds for a much-needed bone prosthesis for Eku Zhong. The merchants participating are offering either gatchas or items for sale and there’s an overarching theme of skulls. The festival is also offering plenty of musical entertainment.

This first post is showing off festival items from Pale Empress, Bilo and Pose Monster.

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Paradise Regained

Adam n Eve was one of the first stores that I coveted something from in Second Life. After saving up to buy that first gorgeous ball gown from sachi Vixen, I ended up applying to be staff in the store. Fortunately, they took on my rather newbieish self. The rest is in fact history, since I’ve remained there ever since. As such, I can obviously not claim to be an unbiased consumer, but I would still want to urge any skin lovers out there to give the latest Adam n Eve skins a good look. There are two faces out so far, Disa and Laina, and there are more to come. Today, I am showing you Disa, and if you click through you’re definitely getting to see all of her; I don’t like covering up for skin posts!

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A Golden Cage

This falls squarely into the category of “things only worn in SL”. A metal-grid corset? Owwie. But, it looks fabulous, does it not? Plastik creator Aikeo Reiko suggests that they can be worn over other pieces, but I rather like them worn over nothing at all. There is also an underbust version included, but for these shots I stuck with the overbust. The corsets are currently available at the Tomorrow Today fundraiser.

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Bath Time for Two

I could really use a nice, relaxing bath right now. For the last two weeks, Ran and I have fought through a massive upgrade of our site and it has been both exhausting and nerve-wracking. This little SL blog may not seem like much, but it happens to share a database and backend with our other site which is just a little big bigger and busier. Still, one of the more problematic aspects of the upgrade turned out to be the images for Otherworldly, so at the moment you won’t see any on the previous posts as we’ll have to add those back in by hand.

But, enough about such woes for now. Remember that bath? I was at least able to take a relaxing (and fun…NSFW images inside) bath in the new Collabor88 release from Trompe Loeil.

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Tekeli-li News & Sale

A new jewellery set from Tekeli-li is always a treat for me and even more so now that they are made in mesh. That means gorgeous details and hardly any prims/land impact at all. It also means easy resizing, since these are not rigged pieces. In fact, since they’re generally a single mesh, you can even size them in a single direction at a time, should you need to really fine-tune the fit.

All of that, of course, is just icing on the cake; Tekeli-li jewellery is always both beautiful and unique and something that I love to find an occasion to photo.

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Autumnal in Amber

I’ve spent the day wrestling with a website upgrade, so I am afraid this post might be briefer than it otherwise would have been. I am trying to catch up on a few remaining items to blog from the Cinema event and I decided to combine this one with a piece from Zodiac. So you get a look at the lovely skybox and furniture from Apple Fall as well as this gorgeous autumnal dress from Bilo.

Strapped In

The Scorpio round of Zodiac is still going strong and this time I am showing the sensual side of this sign. Scorpios are often said to be very sexual and what better way to show that off than a corset from Perception paired with a long, luxurious hair from Alice Project?

The Sacrifice

Another round of Zodiac started yesterday and it is, of course, time for Scorpio. Being one myself, I’ve looked forward to this one since this event started. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint; there’s some fabulous offerings available for this round.

I think I am going to take a stab at showing different aspects of Scorpio, especially ones I identify with. For the first set of image, I took inspiration from the Serket’s Servant necklace from A.S.S. and pondered who might wear that.

Just Dance

LostAngel just keeps coming up with fun and unusual pose props! For this round of FAIR, LostAngel has released the Dance-Box. Each FAIR designer gets a time of the day to be inspired by, and this one is for 3 AM.

My hair is also a new release, the gorgeous All for Love style from Exile for the My Attic event.


I am still blogging my way through Cinema, but as the flu has struck my photographer, this post will be a little more modest in size. And in content, too, admittedly. Not a nipple in sight.

What you do have in sight, however, is a lovely bustier dress from Perception and poses from the Classic Elegance set by Exposeur.

Resting Place

Ready for Halloween yet? If not, this years horror game from the Pulse Team—with the ominous title Resting Place—is sure to at least get you in the right mood. Plus, if you keep an eye out, you can collect a lot of awesome prizes from the sponsors and get yourself nicely outfitted for your upcoming costume parties as well.

Ran and I decided to dive into the game as soon as it opened yesterday, bravely exposing ourselves to the horrors of the game as well as the feared lag. However, while we did get logged out a few times, actual movement and gameplay ran just fine. The game is spread out over five sims and features a neat non-linear story design which served to spread out players very nicely.