The First Sin

Are you ready to sin? The Festival of Sin begins this Saturday, the 18th of February, and offers a sim full of delightful vices. Whether you are feeling Lustful or Wrathful or if you favour another poison, there’s bound to be something for you. I’m in the middle of packing for a trip over the weekend, but of course I had to make sure to shoot some of my favourite finds so far; the Carnal dress from Solange, the makeups from elymode, the shoes from Ingenue and the poses from Adorkable. There’s also a glimpse of the necklace from Caroline’s Jewelry, but I’ll need a closeup of that later on.

Pretty Girls

I do like it when several recent acquisitions just come together as if made for each other. Nomine just released the Jailbait series, a set of Lolita-inspired dresses, and as it happened they went perfectly with the new mesh hair from elikatira, the Flutter boots from lassitude & ennui for the Back to Black event which opens today and the new group gift from Adam n Eve, the Amaris skin with a special Valentine makeup. I am also wearing mesh lashes from Beetlebones (you get a pack of 10 styles for L$250 and they are indeed easier to fit than non-mesh lashes) and using the new Glitterati poses from Collabor88, Formality.

Undressed in Style

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: I love dressing up in just lingerie and jewellery. A new release from the talented camilla Yosuke of Insolence is today’s pretty underthings and the jewellery—which is all mesh—comes from a new and exciting brand called (after its creator) Maxi Gossamer, which so far can be found only on the Marketplace.

Festive Flux

Flux is a new themed event with a great collection of talented creators taking part. The first installment is running from February 1st to February 27th and is Mardi Gras-themed. So, lots of green, purple and gold and plenty of festive items. I’ll be showing just a few examples in this first post, featuring designs from Sn@tch, Somnia and Schadenfreude. I am also wearing the latest skin from Adam n Eve and a new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills.

Dreaming in Space

This blog has definitely been living up to its name lately, with assorted otherworldly creatures being featured. And there’s more, since has released another batch of very unusual skins. Darker versions of the Fae skins, additional Neko skins and something distinctly more Sci-Fi than Fantasy, Android skins. If you want a low-prim way to a fantastic look, check these out.

Sweet Petites

They’re tiny, they’re amazing and they are mesh. The Petites are a new joint venture from several talented creators—Yabusaka, Fallen Gods and Wasabi Pills—that have joined together to produce a line of small mesh avatars. Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods provides an excellent introduction and I will try my best to convey some of my impressions of these adorable little avatars.

Slithering About

I promised some more looks at the new skins from Nomine, and here’s the second one, the Reptile skin. This is something very different from your usual skin fare.

Midnight Fae

Feel like slipping out of your human skin and into something very different? Then you should head over to Nomine to check out the latest release from Munchflower: a range of truly imaginative skins for several fantastical creatures. You can become a dazzling Fae, a lovely Mermaid, a feral Neko or a scaled, slithery Reptile.

The Fae skin inspired me to head over to the beautiful Chakryn Forest and I hope to bring you a look at the other fantasy skins in coming posts. Of course, you can also take a look at them on the Nomine webpage.


A touch (or rather more) of decadence is never wrong and the Marquis set from Libertine by Alia Baroque (best known as the creator behind Fallen Gods) delivers just that. It is a sumptuous furniture ensemble packed with animations, from elegant and languid sits (including plenty of sits for male avatars) to steamy threesomes. There are also many props included, some just for decorative purposes and others to be used with some of the animations. For those who prefer to keep their animations mature rather than adult, a version with just those poses is also included for each piece of furniture.

We’re starting off the photos rather tame, but it gets a little steamer inside. And do click through to the larger versions; I wanted to show these in the full width so they had to be sized down quite a bit to fit on the blog.

Etheria, Take Two

Etheria 2 ends today, so if you have yet to check out the lovely clothing and jewelry on offer, make sure to head over there soon. I am wearing the My Lady Love set from Dark Mouse, just one of several beautiful jewelry sets designed for the event by the various participants.

You will also get a look at the brand-new Harper skin from Adam n Eve, a corset from Sn@tch and the new boots from lassitude & ennui, as well as a new prop from Glitterati.

Painted Up

Etheria 2: Painted Ladies is now open. It is a small-scale, themed event where five jewellers have created pieces inspired by the “painted ladies” of the Old West and five clothing designers have created matching outfits.

I really enjoy themed events, they always bring out some interesting results, and Etheria is certainly evidence of this. For this first look at what’s on offer at the event—which ends on January 8th—I am showing the jewellery from Caroline’s Jewelery. I am also wearing a pair of new mesh boots from lassitude & ennui which were spot on for this theme.

The New Skin Within

Skin Within is back. After a long silence, there is finally a new skin release from Ayesha Bisiani in the form of a lovely redhead called Alina.

Of course, many of you may not have been around for Skin Within’s earlier releases, so a short introduction might pique your interest. Ayesha specializes in faces with distinct ethnicities—previous releases range from Turkish to Scandinavian—and each skin is released in a single tone specifically tailored to the look of that skin. With so many of the current skins having a very particular look it is so nice to still find skin makers that make faces with a lot of individual character.

While staying true to her original concept of the skins, Ayesha has updated her sales model to take full advantage of tattoo layers, something I will discuss in detail when looking at what the skin includes.

Cold As Ice

There’s an appalling lack of snow and cold this Christmas, so for a wintry landscape and a frosty look on life, I have to turn to SL. There are plenty of sims done up for winter (these photos are taken on our home sim, Revelations) and many creators offer seasonally appropriate releases. Now, some of it can give you red and green overload, but not these Ice Crystal skins with matching outfits from Fallen Gods.

A September to Remember

I’ve had a yen for trying out a new skin of late, just to see what’s out there. I didn’t find anything particularly new that really caught my eye, but I did find something “old” that I had previously passed up, but a recent sale made me give it a second look: Tableau Vivant’s Vincent skin, which paired perfectly with one of newest hairs from Kavar Cleanslate of Exile.

A Gothic Mesh

Mesh clothing still has its issues, at least until we get the help of the deformer, but mesh definitely shines when it comes to furniture. Maxwell Graf of Rustica has just released a gothic chair and matching table, all in mesh, and of course we needed them for our house from Rustica.

Also shown in these photos is a brand-new mesh hair from Alice Project; Alice Demonia is releasing a new hair every day for the next 10 days and offering great discounts on her already great prices.