A Royal Dilemma
IC Date: Oneday, 20 Jumara, 1004 NE.
RL Date: May 18, 2003.

Following her audience with Queen Elisia, Maeve reveals the dilemma she's ended up with to Diar and they discuss the matter.

Royal Summons
IC Date: Oneday, 20th of Jumara, 1004 NE.
RL Date: May 09, 2003.

Maeve has received a highly unexpected summons from Queen Elisia, and while she hurries to get ready, she and Diar discuss what the Queen of Andor might want with her.

Delicate Matters
IC Date: Nineday, 6th of Taisham, 1004 NE.
RL Date: April 19, 2003.

After becoming ill from her pregnancy during the party at the Lion's Den, Maeve has been confined to her bed by a Wisdom's orders. Naturally, Diar feels a need to visit her, despite the fact that they're still trying to make it look like he's been thrown out of the Manor, done to support the rumour that it is he who is responsible for their nanny, Tanaz, also being with child.

An Unexpected Encounter
IC Date: 28th of Maigdhal, 997 NE.
RL Date: August 22, 1998.

A pair of old acquaintances run into each other unexpectedly.

Keeping up Appearances
IC Date: 19th of Adar, 996 NE.
RL Date: March 13, 1998.

Having just arrived in Cairhien, Maeve and Diar discuss the ... domestic arrangements for the house they have rented in the city, given that the idea -- much to Maeve's annoyance -- is to keep the true nature of their relationship a secret.