Tales of Ta’veren

Proposing a Future
IC Date: Tenday, 28th of Danu, 1000 NE.
RL Date: August 20, 2000.

On the Feast of Lights, Angharad and Valtrin have a conversation about their future together. Angharad has been doing some thinking about what she thinks she can and can't put up with, and has a proposal to make.

Uneasy Goodbyes
IC Date: Eightday, 21st of Shaldine, 1000 NE.
RL Date: August 01, 2000.

The war between Murandy and Andor has come to an end, and the Andorans as well as their supporters from the White Tower are preparing to return home. In the midst of this, Angharad seeks out Valtrin to reveal a thing or two about her plans for her future.

A Sparring Match
IC Date: 5th of Saven, NE 1000.
RL Date: June 12, 2000.

A bit of sparring, involving both swords and words, between a pair of swordsmen. Or rather, a swordsman and a swordswoman.

A Couple of Difficult Mares
IC Date: Sixday, 13th of Jumara, 1000 NE.
RL Date: May 09, 2000.

After learning that Angharad has gone riding together with his current ... fling, Renette, Valtrin rides out to catch up with the pair, as he's not entirely certain that something unfortunate won't happen to Renette.

A ... Disagreement
IC Date: 13th of Taisham, 1000 NE.
RL Date: April 20, 2000.

Valtrin gets somewhat upset upon learning of his father's plans for Angharad's unborn child, and decides to confront Angharad about the matter.

The Naked Truth
IC Date: Threeday, 26th of Tammaz, 997 NE.
RL Date: May 17, 1999.

Following a sparring session at the Fal Moran tourney grounds, Isandros learns something he definitely didn't know about his Saldaean friend.