It is often the usual expression that one might remember most in this man: an arrogant smile, bright and uninhibited, crooked with silent mirth or perhaps nonchalance. A smooth and boyish face little touched by time or fate, distinctive in the slightly lean and narrow shaping, holds dark eyes glimmering with a fire of self confidence and entangling passion, often used dangerously as a weapon might be in casual glances on the edge of propriety. His hair is raven black to match his eyes, a thick mane of it which is generally somewhat unkempt to add to that youthful seeming conceit. His body is not something of monumental power either, slender as it is, but the hard muscles beneath his fair skin are of wiry strength, lion’s grace and elegance hard to surpass, and formidable. Seeming perpetually ready for a dance or to steal a kiss, the air about him seems effortless and uncontrived, a plain joy in life and the pleasures of it.

Dyed at a princely price to a rich purple hue, his silken coat is cut to the height of noble fashion. Thread-of-gold edges the coat, bands at the wrist being the only gilding upon the sleeves (as well as a touch of rich black lace), and two golden lions rampant claw their way up his chest. The collar is left without the gold buttoning which does for the rest to best show the black silk scarf at his neck among the purple and gold. Closely fitting sable breeches and boots down-turned polished to a mirror’s extravagance only strengthen the imagery. The sword at his belt is on this occasion wrapped in black velvet at the grip, golden wire clinging to it. His unruly hair is tamed (for the time being) by a purple satin ribbon that ties it back, framing his face and setting to prominence the garnet-and-gold stud in his ear.






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