Essentially an NPC that decided to become a PC, Tarjei was also created for Tales of Ta’veren (before the development shutdown, I believe), as Angharad’s uncle and Valtrin’s best friend. This was motivated by Angharad becoming a Novice, and making it hard for me and Elio to roleplay regularly. Tarjei is the only male character I’ve ever played regularly, and I suppose one cannot accuse him of being ... well, overly masculine. But hey, he’s an artist. ;P




Raven curls tumble in soft, lazy waves to just past shoulders that are neither too broad, nor too slender, the luxuriant mane of silky hair framing a slightly narrow face with finely sculpted features which a certain refinement and nobility bring to the edge of delicate. Slender brows arch with innate elegance above his eyes, thickly fringed by dark, lightly upswept lashes which only faintly soften the startling intensity of that keen, cobalt-blue gaze; every subtle shift of mood from the first stirring of a rising storm to the slow drift towards contemplative, introvert calm therein reflected. Most often caught upon his lips, sensual but not soft, is an easy smile of quiet, wry amusement of which he seems almost unaware, as if it was an expression carefully maintained for so long that it is now second-nature, hiding what his eyes most assuredly do not hide. Enhancing the laid-back air which he seems to cultivate is the manner in which he moves, with a languid ease and fluid grace that is well-suited to his lithe, leanly toned frame, and rarely does haste impair that inborn polish which lends every motion of his such a smooth, controlled—but not contrived—precision.

Silk of a rich, burgundy hue suits the dark shades of his complexion well, and the cut of the finely tailored coat compliments that gracefully lithe and lean build of his; fitted close, though not restrictively so, it hugs to his arms and torso, though gradually gains in width from past his narrow hips and on to where it stops just short of his knees.  Thread-of-gold embroideries, an intricate pattern of twisting vines and leaves, catch the light upon the broad cuffs, as well as upon the high, stiff collar. The row of buttons, gilded and etched with images of fish-tailed horses, meant to seal the fabric about him has been left undone, preventing a too strict appearance and revealing the black, V-necked shirt worn beneath. His breeches are sable, the soft weave of linen tight about his legs, and they disappear into high boots of ebon leather, the tops turned down. A signet-ring graces his right hand, a touch of gold glitters about his neck and occasionally a glimpse might be caught of a pearl-set stud in his right ear.






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