Soraya is an in-progress project. Just how much in-progress she is is evidenced by how her name has changed now and then; finding the right name for a character is crucial for me, and not until I am firmly settled on one do I get much further than that. Originally, she was Soraya, and then I decided that I didn’t like that, and so she became Lilith instead. But then I decided that Lilith sounded much too mature and sophisticated, and so its back to Soraya. We’ll see how long that last, especially since it may be a good long while before she sees play. She’s intended for a Wheel of Time game, and at the moment there really isn’t one that I feel is interesting enough for me to start up a new character on. So, I am saving her for when one comes around. Like most of my Wheel of Time characters, she is Saldaean and a Channeler.




Silken tresses of darkest russet—when veiled in shadows like a deep, sooty black, but even a meagre glimmer of light brings out vibrant highlights, from polished mahogany to red-hot copper—spill in unfettered, riotous abundance over her shoulders and to well past the bold curve of her waist and hips. A few fiery tendrils persistently frame her dusky-toned face, faintly softening the oblique planes of her angular yet refined and aristocratically sculpted features; high, canted cheekbones, a somewhat prominent, aquiline nose and a narrow chin which almost always is tilted in such a way as to convey as streak of stubborn determination, more than hinting at her wilfully proud nature. Set below slim brows, often arched as if in insolent challenge, are darkly gleaming and boldly tilted eyes—like twin shards of obsidian—and there’s a brazenly forward quality to that keen, night-dark gaze that lengthy lashes of a charcoal hue cannot even begin to obscure. Tempering these sharp edges and challenging expressions—wavering between mischievously vulpine and fiercely predatory with her moods, yet always streaked with a hint of darkness—are sensual of lips the hue of ripe cherries, often caught in a wry smile, and the sinuous curves of her sleekly supple and lithely muscled, yet undeniably womanly figure. Suggestive, lissom grace imbues her movements, turning everything into a slow, sensual dance and somewhat mellowing the air of hauteur which often lingers about her like a spicy perfume.







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