His face, fair of skin and mien despite the scars of battles, carries eyes of pale verdant hue that stare out at the world with confidence, for he has seen bloodshed and death and knows them without fear. However, stern expressions are not so common on this warrior’s face as easy smiles, as if laughter were the best salve against the grim deeds through which he has lived. His hair, a flow of gold that reaches far past his shoulders, is left unbound save for a few slender braids and frames his face in such a fashion as to partially hide the long scar that descends from his right temple. Broad of shoulder, his height is rare even among the tall Eorlings, yet the lines of his limbs tell more of a supple, steadfast strength than great power. His every movement speaks of a lifetime at war, his motions all of a honed grace shaped by countless hours with sword and horse.

Dressed in a manner once uncommon for him, he does not appear fully comfortable without the sure weight of mail upon his frame. A tunic of rich, dark gray linen covers his upper body to mid-thigh, the sleeves long and tight about his wrists and embroidered with sharp and angular lines done with thread-of-gold. A baldric of silver cloth is slung across his chest from one shoulder. His trousers are of blue wool, finely cut, and tucked into the top of black riding boots. About his waist is a belt of leather, a scabbard hanging from it which holds a great sword of mastercraft and high beauty with a magnificent pommel. On his left hand is a golden wedding band, and upon his right a heavy signet ring, showing that indeed he is a nobleman of the Riddermark.






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