Pale jade hues are given to the bold eyes which gaze past brazen lashes, set in a face darkened by the southron sun and ancestry. His countenance is comely, aristocratic in its fine-boned angularity, the image enhanced by an aquiline nose. That youthful face is framed with luxuriously long hair, at times held back by a satin ribbon and at others let free to fall artlessly to his shoulders, and it is precisely the same shade of burnished auburn as the closely trimmed beard and mustache that he wears. As to his body, it is as well made as his face, slender and lithe and graceful. The muscles are trained, the hands are those of a swordsman, and his movements all show a brash energy barely pent-up.

Garbed with a kind of elegance, the clothes he wears are well-suited to the severe simplicity of his whereabouts. The hue of his coat is a rich burgundy of crushed velvet trimmed with yellow thread and buttoned with bronze, reaching to his knees in a flowing fall over a brocaded sable waistcoat and a creamy white shirt. Little embroidery touches the closely fitted sleeves or the fitted collar, and the burgundy breeches he wears are neatly tucked into down-turned boots of soft black leather. The only ornament he has is a silver earring from which a large teardrop of pearl hangs, although one might count the sword and dagger hanging from the belt about his side as ornaments in themselves.






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