Tall and slender as a blade, his body is finely formed from broad shoulders to long limbs and lean hips, from fair skin tinted towards bronze to graceful hands tattooed to show intricate Sea Folk markings. His face is equally well shaped, made beautiful by the delicacy of high cheekbones and aristocratically sculpted features, and granted a mercurial cast by the expressive mouth oft given to amused, knowing smiles. The eyes framed within are grey as the storm-ridden sea, hidden behind copper-hued lashes that share their color with long hair which, no matter whether bound or freed to brush past his shoulders, often finds a few artlessly straying locks obscuring a portion of his smooth brow. In his ears there are several earrings, of gold and silver adorned with emerald and pearl and opal. Yet despite that beautiful elegance and the gilding of costly ornaments that makes of him an adornment, there is strength at the core of him, supple muscles giving every motion a grace that can be carelessly languid or precise as clockwork by turns.

Garbed like a man of the nobility, his coat of emerald green cloth of fine Andoran cut falls to knee length with thread of silver knotwork running along the sleeves and upon the lapels three stars in down pointing triangular form, buttons of gold going up with patterns engraved of alternating figures, lion and hawk and boar; usually it is left partially unbuttoned, his open white shirt showing his tanned, haired chest, muscles hard under it. About his waist is a belt, and upon it two wooden, black lacquered scabbards are affixed, curved swords within them; set just behind the shorter is one of the daggers on his person. Black breeches of fine material cover his lower body, tucked into equally black but rather shiny riding boots, turned down at their tops in a cavalier manner.






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