Samara is my main character in Dorne on Blood of Dragons MUSH.




Hair like the fiery breath of a dragon spills down over her back, reaching far past the bold curve of her waist, and even in the most meagre of lights that riotous cascade of flames gleams like red-hot copper and molten gold, like autumn leaves and setting suns. Impressions of sultry heat and searing fire are conjured up by this abundant richness of colour, echoed in a smaller measure upon smooth skin that, tinted to an exotic, dusky copper, does not pale unbecomingly when set against the slivers of fire that almost always come to frame her face. These curling tendrils of flame serve to slightly soften features that combine aristocratic refinement with hard, uncompromising lines for a result that is striking rather than pretty. Strongly accentuated, her high cheekbones are set widely apart, the usual tilt of her narrow chin is determined and challenging, and her pronounced nose is sharply aquiline, both noble and fierce. This relentless intensity is mirrored by her distinctive, almond-shaped eyes, almost startling in their boldness beneath the sharp curves of copper brows and behind long lashes of reddish gold. Black as shards of dragonglass in some lights, yet in others they acquire a queer, vibrant gleam of the deepest, darkest amber—like the smouldering embers of a fire—and within their depths one might imagine secrets caught like unwary flies. Thin, but well-formed lips often quirk into a ghost of a wry smile, but there is little softness to be found in her, for even though her sleek, lissom form is graced by womanly curves, there’s a core of steel beneath those sinuous lines, a hardness belied by the graceful, taunting sway that marks her light-footed, gliding movements and the velvety smoothness of her voice.


Samara has a personality that matches her colourful past (and present), with a volatile temper, a sharp tongue and a headstrong nature that is not unknown amongst scions of House Uller. A certain lack of courtly polish and strange, foreign notions can also be observed, yet plainly she is also attempting to establish herself at court and forming independent connections that she can have use of without relying on her father or anyone else.


A bastard, born and raised on foreign soil, and born to a foreign woman who did not even own herself. Not much more than that is known about Samara’s past. Save, of course, the one detail that makes her presence in Sunspear of any interest at all: she can lay claim to the surname of Sand thanks to her father, Ser Mavros Uller.

During his exile in the Free Cities, the infamous knight bought and kept a half-Lyseni, half-Dothraki concubine, and she bore him a daughter that he acknowledged as his. When his exile was ended, Ser Mavros left his concubine and his daughter behind. He had no doubt expected to never see either of them again.

It is said that after Ser Mavros abandoned his daughter and her mother, the pair became part of the household of an acquaintance of his in the Free Cities. When this man, a merchant of some repute, died and his assets were sold off by his heir, the girl apparently balked at being treated like property and made her escape to Braavos, where slavery is condoned no more than it is in the Seven Kingdoms.

And yet, from Braavos she was taken by Prince Rhodry, who brought her back to Sunspear. A present for her father from his father, old Ser Quinlan Qorgyle, though hardly as a token of friendship because there is little such between the two men.

It would also appear that relations between Samara and the prince are even worse than between their respective fathers and there are dark rumors about just how she was brought from Braavos—not willingly, it would appear—and what may have happened on the way to Dorne. The only thing that is certain is that since her arrival in Sunspear, she has given birth to twin children that are widely assumed to have been fathered by the prince, though she has refused—even in the face of the prince’s insistence—to confirm this.


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