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The Hippoi Athanatoi, the immortal horses, are the fabulous steeds of the gods and heroes of Greek myth.

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Queen of the Darkness 4
Part 3 of The Black Jewels Trilogy
by Anne Bishop
List Price: $23.00. Best Price: $9.50.
Queen of the Darkness

In the third and final book of the Black Jewels, the struggling factions of the previous two books will finally clash for the final time. Though Jaenelle knows that she is too powerful to unleash her full strength, as it would destroy most of the Blood, she can no longer avoid a confrontation with the two women who have made Terrielle into the twisted perversion of Blood society that it now is: Hekatha, the demon-dead Dark Priestess who once was the wife of Saetan SaDiablo, and Dorothea SaDiablo, the woman who has taken control over all of Terrielle. The pair now seeks to extend their

Old Man’s War 3
by John Scalzi
List Price: $12.95. Best Price: $2.17.
Old Man’s War

John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War,  which has made the 2006 Hugos shortlist for Best Novel and garnered Scalzi a place on the Campbell Award shortlist for best new writer, been hailed by readers as reviewers as following in the footsteps of Robert A. Heinlein. This is, as Scalzi admits, entirely the intention. Does he succeed? Perhaps too well.

My copy of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls is very nearly the most-ragged, most-reread book in my collection (only A Game of Thrones and The Lions of Al-Rassan top it). It’s the first half—“the good half” as some call it—that mostly gets me (the second half

Shadow Twin
by George R.R. Martin (with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham)
List Price: $40.00. Best Price: $50.00.

Review forthcoming.

The Ice Dragon
by George R.R. Martin
List Price: $12.95. Best Price: $23.99.

Review forthcoming.

Gardens of the Moon 4
Part 1 of Malazan Book of the Fallen
by Steven Erikson
List Price: $24.95. Best Price: $24.99.
Gardens of the Moon

A remarkable new entry into the fantasy genre, Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon is the first of ten planned books which will make up his Malazan Book of the Fallen series. Throwing the reader straight into the action, Erikson shows the sensibilities of a trained archaeologist-anthropologist (which he is) in the easy, realistic way in which he builds up geography, culture, history, and politics. Following several different plotlines, sometimes the work is reminiscent of Glen Cook’s fine Black Company series, sometimes reminiscent of Moorcock’s famous Elric stories, and sometimes even reminiscent

by George R.R. Martin
List Price: $30.00. Best Price: $11.38.

Review forthcoming.

This is the same book that was originally called GRRM: A RRetrospective.

Quartet: Four Tales from the Crossroads
by George R.R. Martin
List Price: $15.00. Best Price: $320.67.

Review forthcoming.

Portraits of His Children
by George R.R. Martin
List Price: $18.95. Best Price: $122.26.

Review forthcoming.