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The Hippoi Athanatoi, the immortal horses, are the fabulous steeds of the gods and heroes of Greek myth.

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Science Fiction

Hunter’s Run
by George R.R. Martin (with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham)
List Price: $25.95. Best Price: $3.11.

Review forthcoming.

Old Man’s War 3
by John Scalzi
List Price: $15.99. Best Price: $5.09.
Old Man’s War

John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War,  which has made the 2006 Hugos shortlist for Best Novel and garnered Scalzi a place on the Campbell Award shortlist for best new writer, been hailed by readers as reviewers as following in the footsteps of Robert A. Heinlein. This is, as Scalzi admits, entirely the intention. Does he succeed? Perhaps too well.

My copy of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls is very nearly the most-ragged, most-reread book in my collection (only A Game of Thrones and The Lions of Al-Rassan top it). It’s the first half—“the good half” as some call it—that mostly gets me (the second half

by George R.R. Martin (with Lisa Tuttle)
List Price: $7.99. Best Price: $7.99.

Review forthcoming.