Hippoi Athanatoi

WorldCon 194

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cteresa, Cerys, Zollo, and Filippa on Sunday morning. A few of the Bros gathered here, waiting for George’s reading.  Now I recall why we were so concerned with getting up early—the reading was originally scheduled for one of the Boisdale rooms, and that would have been simply too tiny given how many people would show up for a reading by the one-and-only GRRM (we were right—I think there was about 100 people in the room, while Boisdale seemed to have a capacity of about 40). Fortunately, they decided to move it to the cavernous Hall 5.

If only they had done the same for the "Silken Blades and Long Hair" panel featuring Kushner and Miéville, or for the Realistic Swordfighting panel.

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