Hippoi Athanatoi

Murphy Mania

Since today was a dressage lesson, I wasn’t too hopeful about being put on Murphy. However, luckily enough the group before (where he’s often ridden when he isn’t in our group) mine had a theory lesson. So, Murphy it was for me again. Or, “the spotted one”, as my instructor occasionally refers to him. Or maybe “splotchy” is a better translation in this case, as he doesn’t have the pretties of patterns. But I love him still.

Free Opera

Opera, on the heels of its registration give away to celebrate the 10th years of the browser’s existence, has now made the program free from here on out. its a fine, small, fast browser which users looking to try something new, or those saddled with older, slower computers, should consider taking a look at.

Jumping Ahead

Today’s lesson was to be a jumping lesson, and I hoped that this would ensure that I would be put on Murphy, as he is usually used for jumping lessons (a few of the other horses, such as Malupin and Sammy, aren’t used due to old injuries). Much to my delight, I was right.

A Day at the Races

Today, the harness racing track near Gothenburg was holding on of its big yearly races (Åby’s Stora Pris), and as the weather was quite nice, my father and I decided it would be fun to lose some money that way.


No Murphy for me today, instead I was put on the other small horse in the stables, Malupin. He’s a nice-looking crossbreed who grew just a centimeter or two too tall to be a pricey competition pony, and so ended up at a riding school instead. Which, given some of his physical problems turns out to have been just as well.

Trailing Along

Not too much to say about today’s lesson, since it turned out to be the once-per-semester obligatory trail ride. Not what I had hoped for.

Opera Giveaway

For those looking out to try a different browser, the friendly Norwegians behind Opera are now giving away registration codes for the software as part of a celebration of their 10th anniversary. I used to use Opera back in the day, and as far as I know it has remained a fairly small, fast, and feature-filled browser particularly well-suited to those with older, slower computers.

A Matter of Anatomy

In the course of debating how much a horse can carry over at the A Song of Ice and Fire board, Elio came across the webpage of the Equine Studies Institute, and pointed me to a fascinating article called Best Built to Ride.

A Trip to the Casino

Last night Linda and I went out to the casino with her parents. Nothing dramatic happened—we broke even, which isn’t bad after three hours in there. Her mother, of course, ended up 600 crowns richer, and that’s after taking out money she insisted on giving to the unlucky (i.e., everyone else). The interesting thing about it was that the experience was noticeably different thanks to a recently passed law.

Geek Lore

From PNH’s LiveJournal, a link to the SF/F Opening Lines Test, containing 40 questions in total.

I scored 87%, with text exactly like PNH’s—but I was surprised that I actually managed 5% better than one of the best editors in the business! I’ll wager it’s the fantasy bits that got him.

Things Recently Seen…

This would be my inaugural, non-Worldcon post on the Musings blog. I’m going to try and get into the habit of posting something from time to time, because (as Linda well knows) I often have something to say about something, somewhere—sometimes political (all too often, according to her), sometimes geeky, sometimes weird.

Following is a discussion of a fanfic sighting, followed by a lengthy digression regarding fan-fiction, and then a return to some hazing-spotting with some further digressions regarding social and peer group expectations in Sweden and the United States.

A New Semester

Today was the first lesson of the autumn semester, and as always we started the sign-up with the dreaded weigh-in. Fortunately, my trip to WorldCon two weeks ago and all the walking Elio and I did there, and my relatively restrained diet since then, had done the trick. I was low enough to be allowed to ride Murphy, even though I think he had been dropped down a weight group. In fact, I believe the instructor said I was the only one there who was allowed to ride him, which would be very good news indeed. I have nothing at all against being ‘stuck’ on him for the next few months. ;)

WorldCon: Wrapup

On Monday we met Cerys and Zollo at the station and shared the same train as we went to Prestwick, chatted with them as we made our way to the plane, and said our final farewells (with suggestions that we should try to meet some time again in the near future) in Gothenburg.

All in all, a wonderful time, and we thank everybody who made it that way, from the people we knew (George, Parris, Joanna, Christophe, Jamie, and of course the most excellent BwB—especially daj, GoN, mormont, lady mormont, Caress of Cersei, and everyone else involved in organizing and running the parties as well as making sure that people had places to stay) as well as those we don’t (the many, many people who organized the convention, who took part in panels, and especially those who donated their time and volunteered to make sure that everything happened). It’s a time we’ll never forget, deflowered former con-virgins that we are, and we really hope to get a chance to see all of you at future conventions, and perhaps get to know you better.

We especially want to extend our thanks to everyone who made sure we actually could make it out to the convention by creating to the Brotherhood without Banner’s newely-formed fan fund which, I gather, will be associated with the Raven Award when it’s given. It’s extremely appreciated, and we hope we’ll be able to give something back when the call is put out for the next BwB Fan Fundraiser.


WorldCon: Day 4

Woke up around 9 AM, having decided that most everyone in Cairncross would be sleeping in later just because of the very late partying the previous evening. Didn’t stress too much, other than determining that we wanted to be at Boisdale at least twenty minutes early so as to make sure we could get a place during GRRM’s reading. We marvelled at the obviously too-small room he was given, but what can you do? We popped into Ops briefly, to see if my jacket had been returned, then went over to the cafe where a number of the BwB were. When we mentioned that we shouldn’t stay long, given that his reading was bound to be popular, new information was laid on us: it had been moved to Hall 5, which had plenty of seating. Wonderful! No stressing at all, then.

WorldCon: Day 3

Saturday morning, we got up fairly early to avoid the fire alarm forcing us to leave the room or get a stern talking to. We got dressed, and sat around—no fire alarm. I guess people learned their lesson. The idea for the day was to go shopping. We did a lot of it, though most was just window-shopping with the occasional bit of tourism. Google maps fooled us into thinking the shopping centers were very widely separated, but in fact most of them were within spitting distance (most notably the trio of the Argyle Arcade, Prince’s Square, and St. Enoch’s (where we left a couple of Scots bemused as we asked them for where we might buy some marmelade). We looked at some antiques, bought this and that (the aforementioned marmelade, from a place called the Whisky Shop, which had giant bottles of whisky on sale for 90-odd, a skin product from Lush that was much cheaper here than in Sweden, and so on), and then decided to go eat.